Rainbow Jello Shots

These jello shots are everything you want in terms of childhood treats and adult fun. Between all three flavours of jello they taste way more like jolly rancher’s instead of vodka (or rum) which is why you could get away with using cheap alcohol. Nobody needs to know. Just make sure to eat responsibly.

Rainbow Jello Shots

Makes 50 Cups


  • 2 Boxes Watermelon Jell-o
  • 2 Boxes Lemon Jell-o
  • 2 Boxes Blue Raspberry Jell-o
  • 26 oz Bottle of Alcohol (I suggest vodka or rum)
  • 100 Pack 3 oz of Plastic Bathroom cups
  • Water


  1. Organize 50 plastic cups on cookie sheets (I found it takes 2 cookie sheets for 50)
  2. Bring 2 cups of water to a boil
  3. When water is boiling mix in both boxes of watermelon Jell-o
  4. Mix in one cup of cold water and one cup of alcohol*
  5. Use a measuring cup with a spout to pour equal amounts of the Jell-o mixture into each cup
  6. Put Jell-o into fridge until it’s set
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 with lemon Jell-o and let set
  8. Repeat steps 1-6 with blue raspberry Jell-o and let set

These are best made the day before the party as they need the time to fully set. You can easily double up the recipe to make 100 Jell-o shots depending on how many people will be at the party since these things go fast. Please eat responsibly because they may taste like Jolly Ranchers but I assure you there’s a lot of alcohol in them.

* If you want to make plain Jell-o replace the cup of alcohol with another cup of cold water.


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